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I am so glad I pressed play

The anthem

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What Bruno Should Have Said…


I promise to buy  you flowers,

I wanna hold your hand,

Give you all my hours if you give me one more chance,

Take you to every party because I love to watch you dance,

So baby don’t go dancing, don’t go dancin with another man…

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Anonymous: To finally shut up these dick riders of yours as well as other things, I have a story for you. There was a Harvard law school graduate with little to no money in his pockets and had a hole in his car. Later on he moved to Chicago and married a woman who made more money than him for the first 10 years of their marriage. She supported him and didn't care about anything except loving him and building him up. Eventually he became the first black president of the United States. A man with "potential"


K.. Good for him 💅👏

Lmao I hope when they have kids they support them with their broke ass boyfriends…like stop I’m sick of seeing these ppl try to prove this girl wrong for setting her standards like let her live, geez!